PC 2011 Preview: 10 PC Games to Own in 2011

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the gaming wars are between Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo and completely ignore the PC games. In 2011 the Playstation and Xbox both have some great exclusive games as well as multiplatform but the PC shares most of those multiplatform games. That at least puts the PC ahead of the Wii who is dropping out of the multiplatform race as games get more advanced. These are 10 PC games to look forward to in 2011.
Guild Wars 2
The one exclusive game that PC gamers have to look forward to is Guild Wars 2. The first Guild Wars didn’t get as much attention as say World of Warcraft, but the game has many loyal players that have been playing for five years now. Guild Wars 2 is also great for those that don’t want to pay ridiculous subscription fees because it is free to play.

DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online is not exclusive to the PC but most of the users figure to be PC users. DC Universe Online is a MMO based on the DC Comics universe that has brought us Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many others. DC Universe Online is available now but many reader reviews seem to be disappointing.

Batman: Arkham City
The next installment of Batman on the PC is one of the most anticipated video games of 2011. In the previous Batman game Joker takes control of the Arkham Asylum and Batman must break in and restore order. In the sequel the new mayor turns a large area of slums in Arkham into a city where prisoners are kept, which should lead to expand the Batman game in size and difficulty.

Portal 2
The original Portal was probably the best puzzle game since Tetris so it’s only fitting that the sequel would hit the PC where Tetris started. In Portal 2 the player has a gun that shoots warp holes into walls, floors and ceilings. Using these new warp zones the player has to figure out how to get through each level

Metal Gear Solid Rising
For a long time Metal Gear has been a Playstation game but the latest installment will be available for the PC. Solid Snake is done in the Metal Gear series and instead Metal Gear Solid Rising will focus on the character of Raiden.

Max Payne 3
The first two Max Payne games were very popular on the PC but the series has not been seen since 2003. Finally Max Payne returns in 2011 but there are some question marks. The latest Max Payne game has a new developer and new writer and the release date has already been pushed back from 2009 to 2011.

LEGO Star Wars III – The Clone Wars
The LEGO games are great for kids but can also be enjoyed by adults as well. Unfortunately this LEGO game will not have the classic Star Wars characters like Han Solo, Chewbacca and company but this installment is sure to still have the fun and charm of the other LEGO games.

Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II is possibly the biggest non-MMO roleplaying game being released in 2011. The first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, was so popular that it required seven downloadable content packs and one expansion pack to keep the fans happy until the sequel. Dragon Age II will probably also be wildly popular and will also demand a billion downloadable content packs.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
When I first bought my Xbox 360 the hot game was Elder Scrolls IV. I asked what my first game should be and it was the unanimous recommendation and rightfully so. Elder Scrolls IV is still one of the best Xbox 360 games and I have been waiting for the sequel for five and a half years now. Of course Elder Scrolls V will also be available on the PC as well.

Duke Nukem Forever
The next installment of Duke Nukem called Duke Nukem Forever was scheduled to come out about 37,000 years ago. It is supposed to finally come out in 2011 but we’ll see.